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Privacy Policy


By placing the retargeting tag on the landing page(s) of your web site, we will be able to tag all visitors who view one of these pages with a cookie carrying the ID of your advertising campaign.

When that user visits one of our partner websites, we can then target your customer with your banner advertising. In this way, customers who have shown an interest in your business will be reminded of your services, and driven back to your website or to visit you offline.

Please do note that any user who has been to your website may be targeted with your online display ad, regardless of the geographic targeting of your campaign.

About The Tag

The tag is a simple image (1x1 transparent pixel) that can be placed anywhere in the HTML page without affecting the contents or layout.

Generally it is best practice to place the tag in the Footer of the HTML page, after the main content has been loaded.

In order to ensure that we capture as many potential customers to target as possible, it is recommended that you place the tag in the Footer of every page which can be an entry point (landing page) into your website. Alternatively, some advertisers will find it easier to implement the tag on every page.

Your Obligations

If you are processing personal information via your website, your website should contain a privacy policy to let your users know how you are collecting and using their personal information. You can seek guidance on how to write a proper privacy here

In your privacy policy, you should also indicate that you will have a pixel on your website which enables cookies to be dropped onto your user’s machines. These cookies may be used to target those users on 3rd party websites within hibu’s network. You should provide a link to www.youradchoices.com/ which will explain behavioral targeting in more detail, and will allow users to opt-out of being targeted for any behavioral advertising by any member of the Internet Advertising Bureau, including hibu. By implementing the above pixel on your website, you acknowledge and agree that your privacy policy meets these requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Analyst, Emily Lavender at 610-680-4173, or email them at Emily.Lavender@hibu.com.

Thanks again and have a great campaign!